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Welcome to Quantum Science & Technology Lab!

Masao Hirokawa assumed his duties as a professor at Kyushu Univ in Dec, 2018. He has launched his Lab in Kyushu Univ since Apr, 2020. It vigorously acts attending the Cyber-Physical Computing Lab of Kyushu Univ. In his Lab´╝îthey make the research on quantum science and technology concerning quantum information, quantum computation, and peripheral subjects. Regarding quantum information: for instance, we study the design of the control system for the measurement device based on quantum sensing. We also consider some technologies derived therefrom. Regarding quantum computation: we make the theoretical study on the modeling of the system of the part from the low phases of quantum compiler to the quantum architecture. Moreover, we are interested in semantics of quantum computer language.

  I'm Masao Hirokawa.

I'm professors of the Graduate School and Faculty of Information Science & Electrical Engineering, Joint Graduate School of Mathematics for Innovation, Department of Physics, and Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science. In addition to these, I'm also the Vice Director of Quantum Computing System Center and the Department Director of the Quantum Computing Research Section of the System LSI Research Center.

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